Dave Grohl Pranked Fans With Stage Fall

Dave Grohl Pranked Fans With Stage Fall

It’s been nearly three years since Dave Grohl fell off stage at a show in Gothenburg, Sweden, which resulted in him breaking his leg. Tuesday night, Grohl returned to the city with the Foo Fighters while on their “Concrete and Gold” tour and Grohl couldn’t let an opportunity pass without pranking his fans.

At the beginning of the Foo Fighters show, a stuntman ran across stage and took what seemed like a pretty bad tumble off the stage. Fans at the show were shocked, thinking it was Grohl. Moments later the real Grohl came out on stage ready to rock for the cheering crowd and revealing it was just a prank.

  • In other Grohl news, he and his mom Virginia Hanlon Grohl are executive producing a new docuseries about moms of rockstars. “From Cradle To Stage” is actually going to be based off Virginia’s book of the same title. You can expect to see interviews from the moms of Pharrell, Adam Levine, Tom Morello, and others. No word on when the docuseries will be out.

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