Muse Announce New Album “Simulation Theory”

Muse Announce New Album “Simulation Theory”

Just days after teasing an upcoming single “The Dark Side,” Muse has not only released the new track but has also finally announced their new album, “Simulation Theory.”

“The Dark Side” is accompanied by a futuristic music video featuring Matt Bellamy driving a sports car down a neon highway. The new track, along with the band’s previous three singles “Thought Contagion,” “Something Human,” and “Dig Down” are available as an instant download for fans that pre-order the upcoming album. Fans will also gain early access to tickets to the band’s upcoming 2019 tourthe dates of which haven’t been announced yet.

  • The cover for the new album features sci-fi-inspired artwork by digital artist Kyle Lambert, who designed posters for “Stranger Things” and “Jurassic Park,” among others. Standard, deluxe, and “super deluxe” editions of “Simulation Theory” are due out November 9th. Check out the “super deluxe” tracklist below.

Muse “Simulation Theory” Super Deluxe Version Tracklist

Disc One

  1. “Algorithm”
  2. “The Dark Side”
  3. “Pressure”
  4. “Propaganda”
  5. “Break It To Me”
  6. “Something Human”
  7. “Thought Contagion”
  8. “Get Up And Fight”
  9. “Blockades”
  10. “Dig Down”
  11. “The Void”

Disco Two

  1. “Algorithm” (Alternate Reality Version)
  2. “The Dark Side” (Alternate Reality Version)
  3. “Pressure” (feat. UCLA Bruin Marching Band)
  4. “Propaganda” (Acoustic)
  5. “Break It To Me” (Sam de Jong remix)
  6. “Something Human” (Acoustic)
  7. “Thought Contagion” (Live)
  8. “Dig Down” (Acoustic Gospel Version)
  9. “The Void” (Acoustic)
  10. “The Dark Side” (Alternate Reality Instrumental)

Source: Rolling Stone


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