96.3 The Zone - Win $10,000 Towards a Tiny Home

Jensen Jewelers Cake Dive

Cake Dive

What would you do for a $2,700 diamond?!!
The Jensen Jewelers Cake Dive is the easiest way to get a new diamond!
Listen for the cue-to-call, when you hear it, be caller 9 at 655-9696 to get qualified!
Qualifiers will dive into a massive cake from Log Cabin Bakery, Saturday, June 10th at Rimrock Mall - First to find the diamond, wins!

Cake Dive Rules

Jensen Jewelers’ Cake Dive Rules

Prize: Unset diamond worth approximately $2,700 provided by Jensen Jewelers of Billings.

Wherever the words KPLN/KRZN appear in these rules, they include the business entity to which the stations are licensed, and any member companies, parent corporations, and affiliates.

1. No purchase is necessary to enter the Jensen Jewelers’ Cake Dive contest.

  1. Listeners can qualify by listening to 96.3 The Zone and Planet 106.7 weekdays.  Each station will play its own cue-to-call, asking listeners to call in at 406-655-9696 (Zone) and 406-256-8800 (Planet).

  2. Caller 9 (Zone)/Caller 7(Planet) will be qualified to attend the Jensen Jewelers’ Cake Dive at 1pm, June 10th, 2017 inside Rimrock Mall at 300 S. 24th St. W, Billings.  Contest will be held in Center Court.

  3. Contest period 5/15-6/10, 2017.

  4. A total of 40 qualifiers (20 per station) will be chosen during the contest period.

  5. If any problems are discovered by KRZN/KPLN , different call-in numbers or addresses may be substituted and utilized after those numbers and addresses are broadcast sufficiently. In the event a caller is disconnected during a contest before his/her name and phone number is recorded, then the prize will be awarded to the next caller whose name and phone number are recorded. The person(s) operating the telephone at KRZN/KPLN has/have the final decision as to who is the winning caller.

  6. All qualified contestants must check in and register for the event prior to 1:00pm to be eligible to participate.  Only qualified contestants may participate in the Grand Prize event.  Must be present to win.  No stand-ins or substitutions will be permitted.  Time of the final giveaway event is subject to change.  Each qualifier present must check in with the station representatives to be eligible to participate in the Grand Prize event.

2. All contest winners must provide KRZN/KPLN with a valid form of identification and Social Security number satisfactory to management.

3. All contestants must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to participate in the Jensen Jewelers’ Cake Dive.

4.Only one qualifier per household is allowed.

5. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash or other merchandise.  Prizes are not transferable.

6. Prize will be awarded in the form of an unset diamond approximate value $2,700 from Jensen Jewelers and awarded during the Grand Prize Event.

7. In the event the winner is subject to, or the subject of, any order or legal process issued by any governmental agency having jurisdiction over the affairs of the winner (i.e. garnishment, child support order, judgment, lien, and the like), KRZN/KPLN 's delivery of the prize to the official representative of the governmental entity claiming a right to the prize shall be thus deemed as KRZN/KPLN awarding the prize to the winner. KRZN/KPLN shall be entitled to rely in good faith, upon any documents presented by the representative seeking to collect the prize in lieu of the winner. KRZN/KPLN shall not be liable for any claim by any winner for damages incidental thereto.

8. As a condition of entering a contest, contestants must agree that upon winning, they will consent to the use of their name, likeness, and all verbal and written communications with KRZN/KPLN for publicity purposes.

9. Employees of KRZN/KPLN , Connoisseur Media, LLC and its ultimate parent company, their advertising agencies, affiliates, contest sponsors, employees and immediate families of each, and employees of all media of mass communication within a one hundred mile radius of the KRZN/KPLN main studios are not eligible to win any contest.

10. KRZN/KPLN cannot be held responsible for unforeseen cancellation or delay the Grand Prize Event caused by weather or promoter.

11. Winners are solely responsible for all applicable local, state and federal taxes. Winner may be issued a 1099 MISC federal tax form if in one calendar year the prize value of all prizes won in contests from KRZN/KPLN and/or participating co-sponsors exceeds $600.00.

12. KRZN/KPLN and Connoisseur Media LLC, assumes no liability for liability, damages, situations, repairs, or incidents arising from any aspect of any prize awarded in any contest. KRZN/KPLN , Connoisseur Media LLC, all participating co-sponsor companies and their advertising and promotional agencies, affiliates thereof, employees, and immediate families of each absolve themselves and shall be held harmless from any action or liability arising from any contest or prize awarded in any contest. As a condition of entering a contest, participants may be required, upon winning, to sign a release form and affidavit of eligibility to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the contestant's right to claim or receive the prize.

13. All giveaways and contests are void where prohibited by law. All local, state and federal regulations apply. As licensees of the FCC and trustees of the public airwaves, KRZN/KPLN reserve the right to interrupt and/or discontinue any contest or promotion (and not award the offered prize) at the discretion of KRZN/KPLN management if world events, the national mood, or public safety so warrant. KRZN/KPLN reserve the right to disqualify any winner if the contest rules have been violated in any way. KRZN/KPLN reserve the right to amend the rules to any contest at any time. All decisions of KRZN/KPLN are final and not open to appeal.

14. Although KRZN/KPLN will make reasonable efforts to conduct contests substantially as announced or advertised, KRZN/KPLN reserve the right in extraordinary situations to change or modify the rules of its contests as exigent circumstances may require. In such cases, KRZN/KPLN will amend the rules for that contest and broadcast the amended rules as promptly as possible. In such case, the contest will be conducted in accordance with the amended rules.

15. A copy of these rules is available during business hours at Connoisseur Media KRZN/KPLN offices, 2075 Central Ave. Billings, MT 59105