“Rambo: Last Blood” Trailers Shows Us Rambo’s Niece

“Rambo: Last Blood” Trailers Shows Us Rambo’s Niece

The “Rambo” legacy may live on after Sly Stallone takes a bow.

In “Rambo: Last Blood,” Stallone doesn’t miss a beat, despite it being the fifth installment and we know Rambo is exacting revenge on a cartel for kidnapping his niece, played by Yvette Monreal.

The trailer shows plenty of action and starts with the speech by Col. Trautman (shown in the other movies too). It goes like this, “We’re dealing with an expert, with guns, with knives, with his bare hands. Rambo was the best.”

The movie opens September 20.

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Watch the Black Keys Rehearse Fiery New Single ‘Go’

Watch the Black Keys Rehearse Fiery New Single ‘Go’

The Black Keys haven’t played a full show since 2015, but the band did play a short set in Nashville recently for members of their fan club as the Keys rehearsed for their Let’s Rock tour, which kicks off September 23rd in Denver.

Now the band has released footage of that show:A full take of the new single “Go,” a fast singalong that recalls the band’s El Camino anthems. The highlight? An out-of-control solo by Dan Auerbach that ends when drummer Patrick Carney breaks the tempo in half.

The clip, filmed by Reid Long, also offers clues into what the new tour will look like, featuring touring members Andrew Gabbard and Delicate Steve on guitar, and Zachary Gabbard on bass.

Rolling Stone went inside the sessions of the new album earlier this year, where the band talked about returning to the studio after their longest break ever. “It’s this magic that happens with Pat and I,” said Auerbach. “It was the same thing that happened when we were 16 and started playing, and magically, it just sounds like music. It was really awesome, having the break and then coming back and just playing with Pat again. It felt great.” Added Carney, “We didn’t think about the context of the state of music in 2019… It’s very complex and freaks me out. Are the charts important? No. Is making music with Dan important? Yes.”

The Black Keys’ tour runs through November. See the dates here.

Source: Rolling Stone

Man Entertains People With Two Bagpipes That Are Set On Fire

Man Entertains People With Two Bagpipes That Are Set On Fire

Never underestimate the talent of a man wearing a “Star Wars” mask while playing the bagpipes. That’s what one guy from Portland would like you to remember as his musical talent has made him an internet sensation.

Brian Kidd, who is also known as the Unipiper, has been internet-famous for a while now and is locally renowned in Portland for his ability to play the flaming bagpipes on his unicycle while wearing a Darth Vader mask.

He recently upped the ante on himself by setting two sets of bagpipes on fire and it’s awesome. If you’re ever in Portland, don’t be surprised if you pass the Unipiper on the street.

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Slipknot Drops New Single

Slipknot Drops New Single

Slipknot is giving fans another taste of their upcoming album, “We Are Not Your Kind.” Just days before the album is set to drop, the band has dropped a new single, “Birth of the Cruel.”

This is the third single the band has shared from their new album. So far, the tracks have certainly delivered on singer Corey Taylor’s promise that their new material is going to be “heavy, melodic as hell, [and] the darkest I’ve gone in a long time.”

“We Are Not Your Kind” drops on Friday and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Source: Blabbermouth

Korn Shares New Single

Korn Shares New Single

Korn is giving fans another preview of their upcoming album, “The Nothing.” As we previously told you, the band’s follow-up to 2016’s “The Serenity of Suffering” drops on September 13th.

The track doesn’t stray too far from their iconic sound, but it does sound like the band is spreading their creative wings a bit. Frontman Jonathan Davis even shows off his vocal range, AKA deeper than ever with some growls.

“The Nothing” can be pre-ordered HERE.

Source: Loudwire

Monster Prehistoric Shark Attacks Submarine

Monster Prehistoric Shark Attacks Submarine

This shark puts “Jaws” to shame.

Researchers in a deep ocean submarine came face to face with a massive bluntnose sixgill shark. The shark was about 20 feet long and nearly twice the size of the sub.

In the video, which was filmed off the coast of the Bahamas, the female shark can be seen emerging from the depths of the ocean and charging toward the submarine, showing her pearly whites and giving them a classic stink eye look through the window.

Researchers say that not much is known about the bluntnose sixgill sharks since they live so deep in the ocean. They’re considered a dominant predator of the deep-sea ecosystem. Their extinct cousin known as the Megalodon shark is considered the largest of the species but they are pretty close. In fact, these sharks predate most dinosaurs.

Scientists think a Greenland shark like this caught in the North Atlantic Ocean in 2017 was about 512 years old.

“This is a monster,” one of the scientists says in the video, as the shark checks out the tagging gun at the bottom of the sub. They were able to tag another shark on this expedition so they can track and learn more about them.

Source: OceanX

“American Horror Story: 1984” Storyline Revealed

“American Horror Story: 1984” Storyline Revealed

Fans are finally getting the deets on the highly-anticipated “American Horror Story: 1984.” The storyline of the new season has been revealed in a new teaser that just dropped yesterday – this time, trouble is headed for the fictional retro summer camp, Camp Redwood.

In the clip, a masked man armed with a knife lurk on a group of teens at the summer camp. He’s shown hiding in the background as they drive towards camp, oblivious to the “Beware” signs on their way. They’re not safe frolicking in the lake, either.

Fans don’t have that much longer to wait – “AHS: 1984” premieres on FX on September 8th. The new season sees the return of Emma Roberts and Matthew Morrison, though they aren’t featured in the teaser.

Source: Daily Mail


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