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Dave Grohl Pulls A Fan On Stage To Jam

While on the Australian leg of their tour, Foo Fighters made the day - or life - of one very luck fan in Brisbane. Dave Grohl spotted fan Joey McLennon in the crowd holding a sign begging to play guitar and signaled for him to come on stage during a performance of "Monkey Wrench." Added bonus? McLennon was handed Grohl’s guitar.

Footage of McLennon effortlessly rocking out has exploded the Twitterverse - and as you might imagine - he still can't believe it. "It was the greatest thing ever...Dave's my idol and just to be in the same breathing space as him," Joey gushes. "It's going to be with me for a lifetime."

And get this - his family had no idea that he could rock so hard. His grandma, who's only ever seen him play a little guitar in church added, "I had no idea he could do something like this."

Source: 7News Brisbane