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KTVQ: Tuesday School Closures in Billings and Outlying Areas

Dangerous weather conditions led Billings Public Schools to cancel classes on Tuesday.

Superintendent Terry Bouck made the announcement Monday afternoon after meeting with other school officials.  

Other school closures in the Billings area for Tuesday:

  • St. Labre Catholic schools closed.
  • St. Charles Mission schools closed.
  • Plenty Coups High School and Arrow Creek Elementary School in Pryor closed.
  • Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools are closed.
  • Canyon Creek School is closed.
  • Elder Grove school is closed.
  • All four club houses of Boys and Girls Club are closed.
  • Park City schools are closed.
  • Blue Creek schools are closed.
  • Elysian school in Billings is closed.
  • Explorers Academy Head Start at Billings, Lockwood and Laurel closed.
  • Pioneer Elementary School in Billings closed.
  • Fortis Academy in Billings is closed.
  • Shepherd schools are closed.
  • Independent Elementary School is closed.
  • Morin Elementary School is closed.
  • Shepherd schools are closed.
  • Yellowstone West Pre-school in Laurel in closed.
  • Lockwood schools are closed.
  • Huntley Project schools are closed.
  • Custer schools are closed.

Late starts:

  • Lodge Grass school late start 10 a.m. 
  • Hardin schools late start at 10 a.m.
  • Roundup schools late start 10 a.m.
  • Park County, Wyo., schools in Powell and Clark late start 10 a.m.

This list will be updated as more schools announce closures.

Source: KTVQ