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System of A Down Guitarist Talks Solo Record

System of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian has released a solo new track as part of his side project Scars on Broadway. Malakian has put together an entire album “Dictator” written six years ago as he’s been waiting for the right time to release them. His new single “Lives” gives a taste of the album and look inside the Armenian genocide.

On “Lives,” Malakian tells “Rolling Stone” he wrote the track based on his Armenian heritage. “For me, it's about how Armenian people have survived the genocide,” he offers. “I wanted to write a song that would be a morale booster, something uplifting and let people know that while there were a lot of people that died and we should respect that, there was also a lot of people who survived. It's a tribute to that and how far we've come.”

As for the new album, “Dictator,” he’s been sitting on it for six years because he wasn’t sure if System of A Down would begin writing new music again. He wrote and produced the album around the time the band was set to go out on tour, but in the end, no one ended up being on the same page. Malakian notes he recorded all the music and vocals on his own as “it just seemed easier” than putting together a full band. “Dictator” is due out July 20th

Source: Rolling Stone