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“Venom” Trailer Gets Mixed Reviews

Sony has officially dropped the full-length trailer for “Venom.” Spider-Man’s famous villain comes to life in this origin story, but is it living up to fan’s expectations?

In the trailer, we see Venom, an unearthly creature being held by Dr. Carlton Drake’s (Riz Ahmed) evil corporation, latch itself onto Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) an investigative journalist. Brock soon begins his transformation into Venom, hearing its thoughts and using its powers which include black-tar like tentacles.

The original story, which usually paints Venom as the villain, has now portrayed him as an antihero with Brock trying to use his new found powers for good. Marvel fans have taken to social media to react - some of it's great...some, not so much.

  • Some note how excited they are and how well Sony did “Venom” “justice.”
  • One user even commended Brock’s transformation into Venom at the end of the trailer.
  • However others were quick to criticize, acknowledging Spider-Man’s absence and even suggesting Sony messed up the comic’s original plot.

Whether the trailer plays the story correctly, we’ll leave that up to you. "Venom" hits theaters this October.

Source: Sony